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Weekend Top 5 Sweep

February 28, 2008 Cast It, News Comments Off on Weekend Top 5 Sweep

The top 5 grossing movies from last weekend were all Cast It projects. Congratulations to Sarah Finn and Randi Hiller, the casting directors for “Vantage Point”.

View Auditions on your iPhone

February 28, 2008 Cast It Talent, News, Technology Comments Off on View Auditions on your iPhone

iPhone users can now view their auditions on Cast It. Of course, they will want to be using the phone in WiFi mode in order to get the video clips to play effectively. We already have a number of producers using their iPhones to view auditions from Cast It!

Top 5 All Cast It

February 19, 2008 Cast It, News Comments Off on Top 5 All Cast It

JumperStep Up 2

Cast It managed the casting process for all 5 of this weekend’s top movies. In fact, 8 of the top 10 movies all used Cast It for sharing actor info and auditions!

Congratulations to Jumper.

Reducing Your Production’s Carbon Footprint

February 15, 2008 Cast It, Technology Comments Off on Reducing Your Production’s Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

How big is the carbon footprint of your production? Think of all the energy consumption and waste just in the casting process alone. DVDs, DVD cases, tapes, actor packets, envelopes, paper, couriers, FedEx, and the gas required to move those auditions around town and the world.

Cast It totally eliminates the need to burn DVDs, duplicate tapes and then have them messengered to the various producers and executives who need to see them. The entire process now is online. Just think of the plastic you’ll save by using Cast It, and remember then how much petroleum it takes to make those discs and cases.

Make your production more environmentally sensitive. Do you absolutely need to see that audition on your TV that had to be burned to a plastic DVD, stuffed in an envelope and driven to your office?

Use Cast It and help save the planet.

Spring Training

February 14, 2008 Cast It, Technology, Training Comments Off on Spring Training

After a hugely successful winter training session, we’re now currently planning this spring’s training seminar for new and advanced Cast It users. Learn about the system or go in-depth with Cast It experts to find out the best time-saving techniques to get your sessions online ASAP.

ActorCast Beta Launch

February 14, 2008 Cast It Talent Comments Off on ActorCast Beta Launch

AC Logo
Our sister site, ActorCast has started its beta program. Any actors, agents or managers interested in trying this new service should sign up and try it now for free.

Cast It Makes Business Week

February 14, 2008 Cast It, Technology Comments Off on Cast It Makes Business Week


In case you missed it in December, Cast It made the InfoTech section of Business Week. Here’s the text of the article by Ron Glover:

Forget cattle calls. Hollywood now goes online to cast many movies and TV shows thanks to a MySpace for talent agents called Cast It Systems. At $4,000 for a feature film and $2,000 for a TV pilot, most Hollywood studios and two of the Big Four TV networks use the password-protected site to create pages devoted to hot projects. Barry Josephson, producer of the Walt Disney (DIS) film Enchanted, approved director Kevin Lima’s choice of Amy Adams for the lead role of Princess Giselle after seeing an online video of her reading a script. Created by film producer Eric Hayes and dot-com entrepreneur Chris Gantos, Cast It now is moving on to Broadway plays and ad spots.

—By Ronald Grover


- Over 700 casting offices worldwide ready to upload
- The preferred casting system used & refined by leaders in the casting community
- Studio-approved security for infrastructure and software platform
- Centralized online hub for all casting & production related videos, organized by your casting team
- End to end casting tools & actor database to help you build lists, find actors, & generate new ideas based on your talent preferences
- Online open call engine to help you find new talent & fresh faces from around the globe
- Unrivaled customer support
- Used by every major Hollywood studio & network

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New Actor Search for Cornerman

A new feature film project, Cornerman, starring Anthony Hopkins, is launching an actor search powered by Cast It. The casting team is conducting a search for an actor to play a young Mike Tyson. For more information or to send your self-taped audition, please visit:

Nashville Opens Actor Search

CMT’s series Nashville, is conducting a nationwide search for a 21-26 YEAR OLD AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE MUSICIAN, powered by Cast It Talent. For more information on the search, or to submit your self taped audition:

Actor Search for Eli Begins

A new feature film called Bag Man, directed by Jonathan and Josh Baker, is searching for actors to play the role of Eli, a 12-13 year old male. For more information, please view the actor search site, powered by Cast It.

Search For a New Wimpy Kid Begins

The new feature film, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, is casting for the two lead characters, Gregg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson. Cast It is powering the open call web site where parents can submit their child’s audition video directly to the casting team for their review. If you …

Hairspray Live Casting Search

Hairspray Live!, NBC’s live event project, is casting for the lead role of Tracy Turnblad. If you would like to submit your self -taped audition, click here for more info:

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