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Money Never Sleeps

September 24, 2010 Cast It Comments Off on Money Never Sleeps

And neither does Cast It. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps opens this weekend. Congratulations Kathleen Chopin and Sarah Finn, the casting directors on this film. With the casting offices located in New York and Los Angeles, and the studio executives also based on the West Coast, and the director Oliver Stone moving constantly, Cast It became the primary hub for storing and viewing actors, reels and auditions related to the film.

Glee Returns!

September 20, 2010 Cast It, News Comments Off on Glee Returns!

Glee returns for its second season tonight on Fox! Congratulations to Eric Dawson, Carol Kritzer, Robert Ulrich, and Alex Newman and the entire UDK Casting team! Cast It manages the casting process for every episode, including maintaining an archive of past auditions for use by the studio and the producers of the show. Casting approvals are also managed by the system as well, with studio and network execs logging in for reviewing and approving choices.

Easy A Opens

September 17, 2010 Cast It, News Comments Off on Easy A Opens

This weekend Easy A opens in theaters nationwide. Congratulations to Lisa Miller Katz, the casting director on this film. Lisa and her team used Cast It to manage lists for the roles that they were casting, the actors that they were considering for those roles, and of course reels and audition videos that they uploaded for consideration by the director, producers and studio execs.

Rubicon Continues

September 14, 2010 Cast It Comments Off on Rubicon Continues

AMC’s new series Rubicon continues this week. Congratulations to Mele Nagler and the entire casting team for this fantastic new series. Cast It serves as the primary hub for managing the casting process for each episode, including the review and approval for acting talent by the producers, Warner Bros and AMC execs.

Marvel’s Runaways Open Call Continues

September 13, 2010 Casting News Comments Off on Marvel’s Runaways Open Call Continues

The online open call for Marvel’s Runaways, aka Small Faces. The casting director and producers are looking for fresh, young faces to fill two boy and four girls roles. If you are interested in submitting your self-taped audition, go to:


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New Actor Search for Cornerman

A new feature film project, Cornerman, starring Anthony Hopkins, is launching an actor search powered by Cast It. The casting team is conducting a search for an actor to play a young Mike Tyson. For more information or to send your self-taped audition, please visit:

Nashville Opens Actor Search

CMT’s series Nashville, is conducting a nationwide search for a 21-26 YEAR OLD AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE MUSICIAN, powered by Cast It Talent. For more information on the search, or to submit your self taped audition:

Actor Search for Eli Begins

A new feature film called Bag Man, directed by Jonathan and Josh Baker, is searching for actors to play the role of Eli, a 12-13 year old male. For more information, please view the actor search site, powered by Cast It.

Search For a New Wimpy Kid Begins

The new feature film, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, is casting for the two lead characters, Gregg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson. Cast It is powering the open call web site where parents can submit their child’s audition video directly to the casting team for their review. If you …

Hairspray Live Casting Search

Hairspray Live!, NBC’s live event project, is casting for the lead role of Tracy Turnblad. If you would like to submit your self -taped audition, click here for more info:

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