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Open Call Engine Powers Bud Series

December 12, 2011 Cast It, Casting News, News Comments Off on Open Call Engine Powers Bud Series

ABC today announced that it has picked up Bud United Presents: The Big Time, a new reality series produced by Budweiser. Last summer, Cast It worked with Budweiser to launch and manage an online open call site where hopeful contestants could sign up and submit a headshot picture, their questionnaire and a self-taped video for review by the casting directors, ad agency team, and Budweiser producers.

For more information on the announcement:

The Descendants Opens

November 19, 2011 Cast It, News Comments Off on The Descendants Opens

The Descendants opens this weekend. Congratulations to John Jackson, the casting director on this film. John and his team used Cast It to upload, store and manage lists, actors, reels and auditions for over 60 roles. Audition material for the film was uploaded from Los Angeles, Hawaii, and New York.

Tower Heist Opens

November 4, 2011 Cast It, News Comments Off on Tower Heist Opens

Tower Heist opens this weekend. Congratulations to Kathleen Chopin, the casting director on this film and her team. Cast It’s online casting platform was used as the primary online hub for the casting directors, studio execs and filmmakers to share lists of actors, actor information, headshots, video reels and auditions. Cast It organizes project data automatically to provide the filmmakers with en easy and secure way to quickly review the videos and/or actors that the casting team has selected.

Paranormal 3 Wins Big

October 24, 2011 Cast It, News Comments Off on Paranormal 3 Wins Big

Paranormal Activity 3 was the top grossing movie this past weekend. Congratulations to Terri Taylor, the casting director on the film and her entire team. With actors and auditions being uploaded from Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York, Cast It was used by the team to keep the vast amounts of material organized by role and region as well as to create “review” roles containing actors and auditions that were a high priority for the filmmakers to view. Only Cast It provides the organizational and archiving tools needed to maintain a casting office’s library of past projects, lists and video.

Contagion Spreads

September 12, 2011 Cast It, News, Technology Comments Off on Contagion Spreads

Contagion earned the top spot as this past weekend’s top grossing movie. Congratulations to Carmen Cuba, casting director, and all of the various location casting directors that worked on this film. With actors, reels and auditions being uploaded from Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, the UK, Hong Kong and Morocco, for over 120 speaking roles, Cast It served as the primary hub for entire casting team. Actors and video were organized by role and by city, allowing the filmmakers and the studio execs to quickly find and review the video they needed to see. Only Cast It provides the data management and organizational tools that casting professionals need when working in collaboration with location casting directors on large multinational projects.

Cast It Launches Online Training

August 29, 2011 Cast It, News, Training Comments Off on Cast It Launches Online Training

Cast It is proud to announce that online training and certification is now available for casting professionals. You can now get ‘Cast It Certified’ and add it to your resume regardless if you’ve previously worked on a project that used the system. A comprehensive, self-paced training tutorial will cover all of the major casting processes including creating breakdowns, adding actors to the database, uploading videos, reviewing submissions and managing user accounts. For more information, or to participate, send an email to ‘‘.

Final Yet Again

August 13, 2011 Cast It, News Comments Off on Final Yet Again

Final Destination 5 opens this weekend. Congratulations to Eyde Belasco and Michelle Allen, the casting directors on this film. The casting team used Cast It to post actors, actor information, audition and reel videos to the system from Los Angeles and Vancouver for review by studio execs and filmmakers.

Cast It Dominates Weekend

August 8, 2011 Cast It, News Comments Off on Cast It Dominates Weekend

Nine of the top 10 grossing movies this past weekend used Cast It to manage the casting process. Studios, networks and the industry’s top filmmakers choose Cast It as their online casting platform because of our video delivery technology, customer support and commitment to security.

Blue is the New Pink

August 6, 2011 Cast It, News Comments Off on Blue is the New Pink

The Smurfs opens this weekend. Congratulations to Richard Hicks and David Rubin, and their entire casting team. Cast It was used not only to manage the casting process for the film, but to also launch and conduct an online search for new voices to play the roles of Sam and Sophie. Cast It launched a separate public web site ( where hopeful actors could submit their acting profile, resume and headshot, as well as a self-taped audition for the casting directors and filmmakers to review.

Transformers Breaks Records

July 8, 2011 Cast It, News Comments Off on Transformers Breaks Records

Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon, released just nine days ago, continues to break box office records. Congratulations to Denise Chamian, the casting director on the film, and her entire casting team. Actors, reels and video auditions were uploaded to Cast It from Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Australia, and New York for the casting team, filmmakers and studio execs to review and approve.


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A Christmas Story Looking for Ralphie

Cast It Systems has launched a new actor search for the lead role of Ralphie in A Christmas Story Live, a live tv adaption of the musical version to be aired on Fox. For more information on the actor search, please visit:

Goldie Actor Search Begins

A new independent feature from Vice Films, has launched an actor search site, powered by Cast It. Casting director Damian Bao is looking for actors to submit for a variety of roles. The film shoots in New York. For more information, please visit:

Hearts Beat Loud Search

Hearts Beat Loud, a new feature film project being cast by Telsey + Company in New York, has launched an actor search for the role of Sam, powered by Cast It. For more information please visit:

New Actor Search for Cornerman

A new feature film project, Cornerman, starring Anthony Hopkins, is launching an actor search powered by Cast It. The casting team is conducting a search for an actor to play a young Mike Tyson. For more information or to send your self-taped audition, please visit:

Nashville Opens Actor Search

CMT’s series Nashville, is conducting a nationwide search for a 21-26 YEAR OLD AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE MUSICIAN, powered by Cast It Talent. For more information on the search, or to submit your self taped audition:

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