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Burt Wonderstone Opens

March 15, 2013 Cast It, News, Technology Comments Off on Burt Wonderstone Opens


The Incredible Burt Wonderstone opens this weekend. Congratulations to the casting team of Lisa Beach and Sarah Katzman, the casting directors on this film. During the five month long casting process, the casting team used Cast It as the primary hub for the uploading and managing of casting related videos and cast lists for the project. Auditions and reels were uploaded by location casting teams in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, London and then organized by the Beach Katzman team in Los Angeles. With Cast It, casting and production videos can be organized in roles/categories as well as folders within the project to help the filmmakers and studio execs to quickly find the material that they need to review.


The Great and Powerful Opens Big

March 11, 2013 News, Technology Comments Off on The Great and Powerful Opens Big


Oz the Great and Powerful opened this past weekend with a strong $80M haul. Congratulations to John Papsidera, the casting director on this film. John and his team used Cast It throughout the five month casting process to upload and share reels and auditions video for a variety of roles. Actors and their videos were organized into roles and categories for the filmmakers and studio execs to review.


Warm Bodies Smothers the Weekend

February 4, 2013 News, Technology Comments Off on Warm Bodies Smothers the Weekend


Warm Bodies opened as the top grossing movie this past weekend. Congratulations to Joanna Colbert and Rich Mento, the casting directors on the film. They used Cast It throughout the casting process, to not only create and manage lists, to add and update actors, and to upload audition videos, but to also receive self-taped auditions from talent reps and actors from all over the country. With Cast It’s Video InBox feature, talent reps and actors can send actor info and videos directly to a casting director’s Cast It site. From the Video InBox, the casting team can quickly move or assign that submission to their Cast It project to then share it with the director, producers and studio executives.

Mama Scares Up the Holiday Weekend

January 21, 2013 News, Technology Comments Off on Mama Scares Up the Holiday Weekend


Mama took the holiday weekend as the top grossing movie over the 3 day span. Congratulations to Robin Cook, the casting director on the film, and to her team. Robin is a Toronto based casting director, and by using Cast It her team could upload auditions and actor reels for review by the filmmakers in Toronto and by the studio executives based in Los Angeles. Other casting offices from Vancouver, New York, and London were also linked in to the project on Cast It to upload actors and auditions as well. “Chemistry reads”, where two or more actors are filmed together, were also uploaded to the system during the casting process, to give the filmmakers a sense of how actors can/will interact on film.

Gangster Squad Opens

January 11, 2013 Cast It, News, Technology Comments Off on Gangster Squad Opens

Gangster Squad opens this weekend. Congratulations to John Papsidera, the casting director on this project. His team used Cast It during the casting process, to add lists and categories, actors and actor info as well as audition and reel video for review by studio executives and the filmmakers.

Huge Network Growth in 2012

January 3, 2013 Cast It, News, Technology Comments Off on Huge Network Growth in 2012

Total video views across the Cast It network grew over 36% in 2012 with over 2.2 million views. Thank you to all of the studios, networks, and independent casting directors that use Cast It every day!

The Hobbit Opens

December 17, 2012 Cast It, News Comments Off on The Hobbit Opens

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey opened this weekend with strong worldwide tickets sales. Congratulations to the entire casting team on the film, including Victoria Burrows (Los Angeles), Amy Hubbard (London), John Hubbard (London), Liz Mullane (New Zealand) and Miranda Rivers (New Zealand). Cast It was and is currently being used by the casting directors to manage and maintain the casting process throughout the production of the three films. The filmmakers are able to access and review cast lists, actor choices, demo reels, and auditions organized by the casting team into roles and categories. Production related video such as remote location shoots and tests can also be uploaded to the system for the filmmakers to review.


Flight Opens Strong

November 5, 2012 Cast It, News Comments Off on Flight Opens Strong

Flight opened strongly this weekend. Congratulations to casting directors Victoria Burrows, Shay Griffin, and to the entire Paramount feature casting team. With actors, audition videos and reels being uploaded from Los Angeles, and Atlanta, Cast It was used not to store and archive the material, but to also manage the numerous lists associated with roles from the script as well as sub-roles within the overall casting process. Only Cast It allows a casting team to finitely manage casting material based on their process to help filmmakers and studio personnel quickly sort through actors, auditions and reels.

Walking Dead Returns

October 14, 2012 News, Technology Comments Off on Walking Dead Returns

The Walking Dead returns this evening to AMC. Congratulations to Sharon Bialy, Sherry Thomas, Craig Fincannon and Lisa Mae Fincannon, the casting team on this series. The casting teams in Los Angeles and North Carolina use Cast It to upload actors, bio information, reels and audition videos for the producers and studio personnel to review. The show has been on Cast It since season 1, so the producers and casting personnel can leverage the lists and video from previous seasons at any time during the process.

Sons Season 5 Premieres

September 12, 2012 Cast It, News Comments Off on Sons Season 5 Premieres

“Sons of Anarchy” premiere’s its fifth season tonight on FX. Congratulations to Wendy O’Brien, the casting director on Sons, and her entire team. They have used Cast It since the first season on the show and with the system’s episode archiving capabilities, the casting team or the show’s producers can quickly navigate through and search previous episodes, roles, actors and audition videos.


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A Christmas Story Looking for Ralphie

Cast It Systems has launched a new actor search for the lead role of Ralphie in A Christmas Story Live, a live tv adaption of the musical version to be aired on Fox. For more information on the actor search, please visit:

Goldie Actor Search Begins

A new independent feature from Vice Films, has launched an actor search site, powered by Cast It. Casting director Damian Bao is looking for actors to submit for a variety of roles. The film shoots in New York. For more information, please visit:

Hearts Beat Loud Search

Hearts Beat Loud, a new feature film project being cast by Telsey + Company in New York, has launched an actor search for the role of Sam, powered by Cast It. For more information please visit:

New Actor Search for Cornerman

A new feature film project, Cornerman, starring Anthony Hopkins, is launching an actor search powered by Cast It. The casting team is conducting a search for an actor to play a young Mike Tyson. For more information or to send your self-taped audition, please visit:

Nashville Opens Actor Search

CMT’s series Nashville, is conducting a nationwide search for a 21-26 YEAR OLD AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE MUSICIAN, powered by Cast It Talent. For more information on the search, or to submit your self taped audition:

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