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Reduce C – Waste

Casting waste. That’s right. The casting process can create a lot of waste, especially in plastic. Think about the process…actor’s auditions and reels are submitted via DVDs or tapes, the casting director sends out DVD copies of the casting sessions, to as many as 10 different people scattered across the country. Sessions are sent out 3 or 4 days per week. Stretch this process across 8 to 10 weeks and you have an incredible pile of plastic, not to mentions the gas, oil and CO2 that went into delivering the stuff. To make matters worse, these DVDs and tapes are viewed once, maybe twice.

With Cast It, you can completely eliminate the need for plastic. View everything online, from auditions and reels, to actor information, headshots, resumes, session sheets, and breakdowns. And Cast It’s unique interface lets you watch and compare actor auditions and performances back to back, which producers and directors prefer over the antiquated chapter skip/hunt on DVDs.

So green up your production and start using Cast It. Its a simple and much more efficient method for distributing auditions, and its a great way to reducing your carbon footprint.


- Over 800 casting offices worldwide ready to upload
- The preferred casting system used & refined by leaders in the casting community
- Studio-approved security for infrastructure and software platform
- Centralized online hub for all casting & production related videos, organized by your casting team
- End to end casting tools & actor database to help you build lists, find actors, & generate new ideas based on your talent preferences
- Online open call engine to help you find new talent & fresh faces from around the globe
- Unrivaled customer support
- Used by every major Hollywood studio & network

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Hearts Beat Loud Search

Hearts Beat Loud, a new feature film project being cast by Telsey + Company in New York, has launched an actor search for the role of Sam, powered by Cast It. For more information please visit: https://www.castittalent.com/Hearts_Beat_Loud

New Actor Search for Cornerman

A new feature film project, Cornerman, starring Anthony Hopkins, is launching an actor search powered by Cast It. The casting team is conducting a search for an actor to play a young Mike Tyson. For more information or to send your self-taped audition, please visit: http://castittalent.com/cornerman

Nashville Opens Actor Search

CMT’s series Nashville, is conducting a nationwide search for a 21-26 YEAR OLD AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE MUSICIAN, powered by Cast It Talent. For more information on the search, or to submit your self taped audition: http://www.nashvillecastingsearch.com

Actor Search for Eli Begins

A new feature film called Bag Man, directed by Jonathan and Josh Baker, is searching for actors to play the role of Eli, a 12-13 year old male. For more information, please view the actor search site, powered by Cast It. http://www.bagmancasting.com/

Search For a New Wimpy Kid Begins

The new feature film, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul, is casting for the two lead characters, Gregg Heffley and Rowley Jefferson. Cast It is powering the open call web site where parents can submit their child’s audition video directly to the casting team for their review. If you …

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