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Because Securing Your Content Online is No Laughing Matter
The image above is from an audition by a well known actor that was released to YouTube. Within 24 hours it had over 100,000 hits, mostly from people who work in the entertainment industry. Needless to say, the actor, his agent and manager, and the studio were not too happy to have their proprietary content posted online without their consent. YouTube did pull the clip down the next day but it was too late. It had already been copied and posted to numerous web sites where it lives on to this day.

When Cast It was rolled out to the studios eight years ago the system underwent a thorough inspection by various IT groups at the studios looking for vulnerabilities, holes and ways to get at secured content. Software, hardware and hosting facilities were analyzed and inspected. Cast It passed those audits and continues to work with IT groups to ensure that the system and the content is as safe as possible.

Project Monitoring
Activity on the site is closely analyzed by casting admins and Cast It personnel and every user is required to have a user account and password for access to the system. When they log in, they only see material as authorized by the casting office. In fact, casting personnel can control exactly what the authorized user can view, right down to the individual video clip from an audition. These offices can also track what videos are viewed, when and how often to ensure that a user account has not been shared.

Be Careful with that Email
Other online casting systems rely on emailed links sent by the casting office to the production team for accessing video. The vulnerability here is that those emails can be easily forwarded to unauthorized users who could then download the clips and then upload them to any number of web sites. Your material could end up on that evening’s entertainment program and you’d never know how they got it.

In Cast It, emails are automatically formatted to require that the recipient enter a password before accessing the material. The emails are also given an expiration date, after which the embedded link becomes unavailable. Emailed video links can also be tracked to see when a link was opened and if that video was viewed.

Its Not Just for Video
Cast It can be used not only for viewing videos, but also for distributing production materials relating to the casting process, such as scripts and sides. All materials are tracked by the system, and watermarks are automatically added with the recipient’s email address to control illegal distribution.

Due to the nature of the films and tv shows that Cast It hosts, security of the system and the content is paramount. And while technology continues to evolve, Cast It is also adapting and refining the system to ensure that the public does not see your content even after your release date.


- Over 800 casting offices worldwide ready to upload
- The preferred casting system used & refined by leaders in the casting community
- Studio-approved security for infrastructure and software platform
- Centralized online hub for all casting & production related videos, organized by your casting team
- End to end casting tools & actor database to help you build lists, find actors, & generate new ideas based on your talent preferences
- Online open call engine to help you find new talent & fresh faces from around the globe
- Unrivaled customer support
- Used by every major Hollywood studio & network

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